Glass Meringues

From the production scraps of a famed Venetian artist, these unique works of art are born.
Recovered through a meticulous process, they are turned into unique jewellery.
Which colour will you choose?


The Original Glass Meringues

Rosone Millefiori Pendants

Inspired by stained glass window designs.

Indulge in the captivating world of At Last Emporium,
where exquisite treasures await.

The extraordinary collection features fantastic jewellery
and sewing buttons that are meticulously handcrafted
from the finest Murano glass.

Millefiori Earrings

  • Multicolour Glass Canes

    Only authentic Venetian glass from EffeTre Murano.

  • One Of A Kind Designs

    Each piece is unique and created by hand.

  • Expert Artisans

    Working alongside masters of the glass tradition.

  • Skilled artisans

  • Traditional techniques

  • One of a kind beads

Venetian Glass Beads

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Millefiori Buttons

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