About the why

“At Last” is used to express a feeling of satisfaction and fulfillment that something long-awaited has finally happened after a period of effort and anticipation, giving a sense of happiness and relief. 

Ciao! I'm Virginia, founder and creative director.
I always loved beautiful things and before starting this journey I spent fifteen years working for fancy fashion houses in Milan and London where I learned about design, development and production.. but mostly fabrics, beautiful fabrics.

For a while I believed this was my path but I couldn't stop ignoring the gut feeling that I wanted something more for myself.

So I took the difficult decision to leave my career behind and start again.

I went back to Venice where I grew up, and had the opportunity to (re)discover the mesmerizing beauty that is glass making in all of its incredible forms.

This ancient art takes years to learn and I respect very much the artists that mastered the skills necessary to practice it with patience and imagination. 

I always loved glass, but now I am really hooked. 

Equipped with a vision, I started to work with some incredible artists in Venice and Murano, developing unique pieces such as millefiori murrine and lampwork beads. Both techniques are antique and belong to the Venetian tradition and have been widely exported around the world over the centuries and still are to this date.

To me it is incredibly fascinating that glass has been in fashion for such a long time (millennia really!), and with my creations I aspire to continue the tradition further.

The look is contemporary but I like to think that these pieces would look great at any point in history. What do you think?  

I am thrilled to offer you one-of-a-kind designs that are made to last. I use high quality sterling silver and gold plated or gold filled, Italian made findings because quality comes before profit.

Everyone is invited to join me on this colorful and fantastic journey that has only just begun.