Product Care


At Last Emporium jewels are designed to make a lasting impression, and you can help ensure they continue to remain beautiful for years to come.

Follow simple guidelines such as:

  • Remove jewellery before bathing, swimming or doing activities that may cause sweat, such as sports or manual labour.

Clean your jewellery with a soft cloth to remove residual organic traces. The natural ph of the skin may tarnish metals over time.

  • Store jewellery in a cool, dark, dry place to prevent tarnishing.

Tarnish occurs when metal surfaces are exposed to air and moisture. A chemical reaction called oxidation, begins to take place gradually, eventually forming a dark layer over the metal. 
Dedicated drawers and j
ewellery boxes are excellent choices if you have any at your disposal. Alternatively, use a soft pouch or the box provided with your purchase.
If you wish to be extra diligent, store the same metals together, as this is an additional anti-tarnish precaution, as well as an easier way to organise your jewellery collection.

  • Avoid exposure to harsh chemicals or substances that can cause damage or stain, such as perfumes, lotions, household cleaning products, and chlorine.

Perfumes do damage jewellery!
This happens due to the presence of essential oils and alcohol content that can cause the jewellery to lose its sheen, erode metal coatings and create dull layers making it look stained or discoloured.

The simple solution? Spray your perfume first, wait a few moments until it’s dry and then wear your jewellery. If you’re topping up later in the day, remember to temporarily remove the jewellery for the same reason.


Finally, try to give your jewellery a polish every few months.
For the gold pleated pieces, simply polish them with a soft cloth. 
To clean silver you can use specific products available on the market or warm, soapy water and a soft toothbrush* – do not use antibacterial soap as there are agents that can tarnish the metal. Dish soap with a natural PH is widely considered safe to use for most metals and is okay for glass too.
Baking soda and warm water can also be used to clean silver.*

* these are guidelines: At Last Emporium is not responsible for the outcome on how you chose to clean your products at home. 

Make sure to let dry your clean jewellery before storing it away.



At Last Emporium uses Italian made, sterling silver rings for its creations.
Any ring can be adjusted until it fits snugly to your finger, like a solid ring.
While you can count on top quality materials please remember
that frequent opening and closing of the ring may weaken the silver over time, potentially leading to breakage.
Before adjusting the size of your ring, ensure you are completely satisfied with your purchase. Once the ring is adjusted to fit, it becomes ineligible for returns or exchanges. 



Glass buttons, if placed in a regular washing machine, may damage or break as a consequence of the tumble-dry spinning. If going ahead, aim at covering the buttons as best as possible but be aware that you're doing this at your own risk.

A professional dry cleaner knows how to take care of the buttons.

Our recommendation, is to hand wash your garments or, if possible, remove the buttons before washing and stitch them back on afterwards.
A quick job that will ensure prolonging the buttons' life and entirely avoid endangering your washing machine. 


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate ask for further guidance.