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Millefiori Murrina Large Drop Earrings - Bouquet Black

Millefiori Murrina Large Drop Earrings - Bouquet Black

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Enhance your style with these exquisite handcrafted Venetian earrings, true masterpieces made with authentic Murano glass.

- Lovely and lightweight oval silver earrings.

- Bright and colorful millefiori reflecting light beautifully with every step.

Total Length about 6.5cm worn

All Sterling Silver Made in Italy


The Millefiori (also known as Murrina) is one of the most renowned and sought-after techniques of the Murano glass production. To create each piece, a multi step process is required. Numerous canes (long glass rods) decorated with various patterns such as geometries and flowers are sliced into tiny cross-section pieces to show the design within. These are then meticulously placed within a heat resistant frame to form a unique composition. The arrangement is then fused in a special furnace, cooled down, and sanded to reduce thickness and eliminate any impurities. Finally, the millefiori are polished and mounted on the silver base.

Made with Glass - Handle with Care 

Please note that the colours in these products may vary slightly due to glass being particularly tricky to photograph. Rest assured the colours are always brighter and better in real life. The actual product you'll receive may also slightly differ from the one shown in these pictures as no two pieces are ever the same.
Great care to ensure the highest quality standard is taken throughout the making of each piece, however, slight imperfections may occur. Kindly view these as indicative of artisanal craftsmanship rather than defects.
Product care instructions here.
If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out for more information.


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