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Medium ROSONE Millefiori - Pendant

Medium ROSONE Millefiori - Pendant

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Inspired by stained glass windows designs.

  • Original Design
  • Red / Green / White
  • Size - 31 mm
  • Italian sterling silver frame 

An Ultrasuede® long black necklace and branded gift box are included. 

** You can separately purchase a sterling silver necklace here. **

Millefiori are created following an ancient technique typical of the Murano glass-making tradition. The name fittingly translates to "thousand flowers" in Italian. Also known as Murrine, the process involves arranging a selection of pre-cut glass canes, to form a unique design. The composition is then cooked, sanded, and polished before fitting in the silver frame.

Requiring patience, skills and time, each piece takes several days of work to be completed. 

Every millefiori is one of a kind, finished by hand with love and care, for you to treasure forever.


Made with Glass - Handle with Care 

Please note that the colours in these products may vary slightly due to glass being particularly tricky to photograph. Rest assured the colours are always brighter and better in real life.
Great care to ensure the highest quality standard is taken throughout the making of each piece, however, slight imperfections may occur. Kindly view these as indicative of artisanal craftsmanship rather than defects.
Product care instructions here.
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