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Millefiori Murrina Large Drop Earrings - Milky Way Green

Millefiori Murrina Large Drop Earrings - Milky Way Green

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Adorn yourself with a genuine Venetian masterpiece that is crafted entirely by hand.

Lovely oval silver earrings with bright and colourful murrine that reflect light beautifully and moves elegantly with your every step.

Total Length (Earrings + Murrina) roughly 6.5cm worn

All Silver Sterling Made in Italy


The Millefiori Murrina is one of the most renowned and sought-after techniques in the Murano glass production. To create each millefiori, a multi step process is required. Numerous canes (long glass rods) decorated with various patterns such as geometries and flowers are sliced into tiny cross-section pieces to show the design within. They are then meticulously placed within a frame, one-by-one, to form a unique composition. The arrangement is then fused in a furnace, cooled down, and sanded to reduce thickness and eliminate any impurities. Finally, the murrine are polished and mounted onto a base, creating a beautiful pendant for the earrings.

If you wish to wear each piece separately, you can easily detach the pendants from the earrings.

Please note that product images are indicative and may differ slightly from the actual piece you will receive. We make every effort to ensure consistency across our products, but variations in colour, texture, and size are part of the handmade charm and are not to be considered defects. If you have any queries or concerns, please don't hesitate to reach out for assistance.
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